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Oak Lawn Cemetery Perpetual Care vs. Special Care Header
The care and maintenance of the cemetery can be divided into two different and distinct areas: Perpetual Care and Special Care.


Perpetual Care addresses the general care and maintenance of the cemetery at large. It relates solely to Oak Lawn's buildings, grounds and equipment. The requirement of perpetual care is mandated in law by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Currently, our perpetual care fund rate is set at 15% or $200.00 per interment sale whichever is greater; that is, the sale of an earthen burial space, a mausoleum crypt space, or a columbarium cremation niche space.

The Trust
The fund is titled as the Oak Lawn Cemetery Association Perpetual Care Trust Fund. The trust is irrevocable. Its assets are capably managed by the Association Board of Directors. Without question, this trust fund is the single most important asset of the cemetery.

A Thoughtful Consideration
When evaluating a cemetery - to serve the long term needs of you and your family - an inquiry concerning the strength of its Perpetual Care Trust is considerably important. The trust is meant to ensure the ongoing maintenance and care of the grounds and facilities long after the final interment is placed.

SPECIAL CARE a/k/a Flower Fund

Special Care is specific. It addresses the decoration and maintenance needs of an individual or family plot. It fulfills an important need and participation is voluntary.

The Trust
The fund is titled as the Oak Lawn Cemetery Association Special Care Trust Fund. The trust is irrevocable with its assets also managed by the Association Board of Directors. Participation is completely voluntary.

The important facets of the Special Care Trust are briefly outlined here for your information;

The minimum contribution required to establish a trust is $2,500.00
Each service selected requires a minimum contribution of $1,250.00
Service is delayed for the first year to permit earnings to accumulate
Service is provided each year based in part on the total income generated
Annual earnings are estimated at 2.5% to better allow long term planning

Service selections provided include: the placement of fresh-cut flower bouquets, potted plants, log arrangements and winter wreaths.

Other services include: the planting of seasonal annual flowers for Memorial Day, the care and maintenance of shrubbery, including replacement planting. In addition, a 5 or 10 year memorial cleaning schedule can be arranged.

Service Days
Four service days are available, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day and Christmas (Fall season).

If one selects a planting for Memorial Day of 8 to 10 geraniums along with the placement of a seasonal Fall wreath, the contributions required to establish the trust would amount to $3,750.00.

If one requests the placement of a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to be placed on Mother's Day and again on Father's Day the contribution required would amount to $2,500.00.